Made in Italy

Silkscreenprints, tomato installation and participative perfomance. Atelier W, Pantin, 2019.

In Europe, the question of work and identity are at the heart of current political issues, and more particularly of the reactionary ideologies that are constantly gaining ground.
Taking Italy as its starting point, the exhibition proposes works inspired by the media, migratory movements and clandestine work in tomato cultivation, while weaving a historical « weft » through which a common imaginary is constructed.
The exhibition includes several forms of production: manual, serial, industrial and agricultural. In the age of globalisation, what can we still dream or hope for from the slogan « Made in Italy »? What images does this label promote today?
What art can still transmit an image of the « common », like Bernardo Bertolucci’s film « 1900 », which traces the history of modern Italy through the life of an opulent farm owner where Fascist foremen and Communist peasants face each other?

The accident, silkscreen on paper, 21 x 29 cm, Foggia, Italy, 2019.