Jenga House – Pannierstrasse, Berlin.

Ephemeral installation in public space. Location Pannierstrasse Kolonie Freie Stunde Neukölln, ReuterKiez, 2009.

Collected materials from wastedland between Pflügerstrasse and Rütlistrasse, Berlin.

« What to do without Garden? I got back what I found in wastedland in the close Rütlistrasse Parking. Briks and wood…
I built a stucture on the pavement close to the Pannierstrasse Gardens To create a piece of ground and appropriate a perimeter of the public domain as the signal of loss of this one. The sculpture of the passer-by (the artist) for the passer-by activates the space. It contents with being an extension of the nearby gardens, and becomes integrated by the do-it-yourself in urban fabrics to emphasize an intermediate and fragile space! »